Yoshitora Biography

Yoshitora1 (fl. c. 1850-80). N.: Utagawa (originally Naga-shima)2 Yoshitora.3 F.N.: Tatsugoro ;4 later, Tatsunosuke,5 Tatsusaburo.6 Go: Ichimosai,7 Kinchoro,8 Mosai9 (after 1874). Biog.: Ukiyo-e printmaker. Born and worked in Edo. Pupil of Utagawa Kuniyoshi. Made prints of Tokyo scenes, of foreigners in Yokohama, and of foreign scenes, all in the late ukiyo-e manner. It is obvious, however, that he never saw any of the foreign scenes he depicted and, instead, copied them from Western engravings. The prints have considerable naive charm. After 1880 the output of prints by Yoshitora stopped. We do not know whether Yoshitora had retired or if he had died. Coll.: Art (1); British; Cincinnati; Fine (California); Honolulu; Musee (1), (2); Musees; New-ark; Philadelphia; Riccar; Staatliche; Tokyo (1); Univer-sity (2); Victoria; Worcester.    
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