Yoshiro Nagase Biography

Nagase Yoshiro(b. 1891) There was nothing in Nagase's background that would have led one to foresee his sud-den emergence, while still in his early twen-ties, as a full-fledged expressionist printmaker and contributor to the avant-garde magazine Kamen. His contributions to that magazine, which began publication in 1912 and continued until 1915, have an urgency and power reminiscent of Munch or the Fauves and are carved with astonishing boldness. His later work seems much softer and more lyrical by comparison.  
Nagase took private lessons in Japanese painting from Araki Juppo (1872-1944), who worked in a modified Shijo School style, and studied oil painting with Nagahara Kotaro (1864-1930), a pupil of Kuroda Seiki. He also studied sculpture for a short time at the Tokyo Art School. None of this explains the expressionist-inspired work of his Kamen period, however: its sources clearly lay elsewhere. Nagase, like Onchi at about the same time, was quick to sense the winds of change coming from Europe. Like many other bright young men before and since, he was soon well ahead of his teachers.  
Ref: Jenkins, Donald,  "Images of a Changing world, Japanese Prints of the Twentieth Century" Portland Art Museum 1983-84 Exhibition catalog.