Toyokuni II (Toyoshige) Biography

Also known as Utagawa Toyoshige and many other Go.  He was an Ukiyo-e painter and illustrator.  Lived in Hongo in Edo, working as a pottery dealer.  Pupil and son-in-law of Toyokuni.  After the death of his master in 1825, called himself Toyokuni II but was challenged by other followers of Toyokuni and changed his name to Toyoshige.  From 1826 signed Toyokuni or Gosotei Toyokuni, commonly known as Hongo Toyokuni II after the district in which he lived. In later years, resumed name of Toyoshige. His prints of actors and bijin were executed n Toyokuni's manner, and often confused with his work.  In in his landscape series, which owe much to Hokuju and Hokusai, he can be compared to Hiroshige.  
Source: Laurance P. Roberts, Dictionary of Japanese Artists