Torii Kotondo Biography

Torii Kotondo (1900-1976) was born in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Real name Shin. He changed his artist's name four times, using Kotondo, Masahiko, Kiyonobu and Kiyotada V, the eighth master of the Torii school. Studied the style and technique of Kabuki billboard painting of the Torii School under his father Kiyotada IV, the seventh master of the Torii School, yamato-e under Kobori Tomone, and bijinga under Kaburaki Kiyokata. At the age of fifiteen, he began illustrating Engeki Gaho ('Theatrical Illustrated Magazine') under the artist name of Kotondo. In 1929, he succeeded his father and became the eighth heir to the school. From around this time until 1935 he concentrated on prints of Showa beauties which were published by Sakai/Kawaguchi and Ikeda. Additionally he produced many bijinga paintings using the name Kotondo. One of his paintings was accepted into the Nitten exhibition of 1952. Worked as an art director for the theatres and as an art consultant for television. He taught theatrical art classes at the Nihon University from 1966 until 1972. Watanabe Ikuharu (1895-1975) Born in Nagoya. Entered paintings in the twelfth Bunten in 1918. Between 1922-25 he attended the Kyoto Municipal School of Painting. His teacher was Yamamoto Shunkyo. In 1924 he, together with a.o. Asami Kojo organized the Chukyo Art Society, a group of painters from the Nagoya area. Participated in the Bunten, Teiten and Shin-bunten.  
Source, Newland, A.R. "The Female Image" Hotei Publishing, 2000