Takashi Henmi Biography

Henmi Takashi(1895-1944) Like most sosaku hanga artists of his generation, Hemmi had to earn his living from something other than printmaking. Fortunately he was well equipped to do so, having graduated from the Tokyo Polytechnic School with a degree in accounting, He discovered printmaking by accident. He was born in the same city as Tanaka Kyokichi and somehow heard of the 1915 memorial exhibition ofTanaka's work organized by Onchi. He attended the exhibition and was so moved by what he saw there that he determined on the spot to become an artist himself. Over the next few years, he taught himself printmaking and virtually devoured every art magazine he could get hold of. By 1919 he had progressed to the point where he felt confident enough to enter the first exhibition of the Nippon Sosaku Hanga Kyokai. Though Hemmi never became a major figure in the sosaku hanga movement, he did produce an impressive, if limited, body of work in a style similar to Hiratsuka's of the late 1920s.