Shunsen Natori Biography

Natori Shunsen (1886-1960) was born in Kushigata-cho, Yamanashi. Real name Yoshinosuke.  After the bankruptcy of his father's business, he moved to Tokyo in 1887 with his family, and started to study nihonga under Kubota Beisen and Hirafuku Hyakusui, and oil painting under Fukui Kotei. Entered nihonga style printings in the Inten ('Japan Art Institute Exhibition') and Teiten. From 1907 until 1913 he worked for the Asahi Newspaper by illustrating a.o. the serial novel 'Heibon' by Futabatei Shimei and later Natsume Sdseki's novel 'Sanshiro.” In 1915 he produced the portfolio of prints titled yakusha-e shin nigao-e ('New portraits of actors') together with Yamamura Koka. His most important prints, 'Ganjiro in the role of Kamiya Jihei', 1916, and 'Baiko in the role of Otomi', 1917 were published by Watanabe Shozaburo, as well as many of his subsequent series of actors before and after the war. His three prints of women were produced in 1928.  
Source: Newland, A.R., The Female Image, Hotei Publishers, 2000