Shunman Biography

Shumman (Shunman)  (1757-1820)  Kubo (originally Kubota) Toshimitsu.: Yasubei. Go: Issetsu Senjo Kubo Shumman, Nandaka Shiran, Sashodo, Shosado,Shumman (Shunn-ian). Biog.: Ukiyo-e painter, printmaker. Also an author. Born and lived in Edo. Pupil of Katori Nahiko and Kitao Shigemasa, but more influenced by Torii Kiyonaga. Changed the shun in his go from the character for "spring" to the character for "excellence" to distinguish himself from the numerous followers of Shunsho. Seems to have devoted most of his efforts to book illustrations and to writing under such names as Issetsu Senjo, Nandaka Shiran, and Shosado; famous for his light verses and satires. A man of great sophistication, a bon vivant. As a printmaker, specialized in surimono; his other prints are scarce. His more plentiful paintings are generally of bijin in a landscape setting. In his art an experimenter in color, using silvery grays and light touches of soft colors, and in light and shade. A most original painter. Coll.; Alien; Ashmolean; British; Brooklyn; Cleveland; Fitzwilliam; Freer; Fujita; Herron; Honolulu; Idemitsu; Kobe; Metropolitan; Musee (2); Musees; Museu (1); Museum (1), (3); Nelson; Newark; Ostasiatiska; Portland; Rhode Island; Riccar; Tokyo (1);  
Victoria; Worcester; Yale.