Koizumi Kishio Biography

Koizumi Kishio (1893-1945) Only two sosaku hanga artists actually received training from traditional block carvers; one, as mentioned earlier was Hiratsuka Un-'ichi; the other was Koizumi Kishio; but while Hiratsuka used the skills he acquired solely for his own expressive purposes, Koizumi actually earned his living for a time as a block carver He might have continued in that role, in fact, if he hadn't met and received encouragement from Tobari Kogan. Through Kogan he was introduced to Onchi and Yamamoto and became involved in the Nippon Sosaku Hanga Kyokai. He took part in the successful 1919 exhibition and continued to exhibit regularly thereafter.  
Koizumi was not particularly adventurous as an artist, but his work has an unaffected (even, at times, naive) quality that can be extremely appealing. He spent the bulk of the 1930s working on his ambitious Showa Dai Tokyo Hyaku Zu-e series.  Ref: Jenkins, Donald,  "Images of a Changing World, Japanese Prints of the Twentieth Century" Portland Art Museum 1983-84 Exhibition catalog.